CaptainEurope is a reliable platform for all your needs related to video production and web/software design and development. The design and development services we offer are of superior quality than most places you could get help from, while the video production professionals we have in the network are experts in their fields. Outsource web design or development to any our network professionals in Europe and you can rest assured you will get more value for your money than you were hoping for.



Website design and development services are two of the most popular services any company in our line of work has to deal with. That is because there is endless demand of these services. They are needed with every new website, and the number of websites is growing with every new year due to the fact that more and more online businesses keep popping up. The opportunities in the digital realm are many and they are available for a cheap price. With a free website theme and little money spent on hosting, anybody can establish a website these days. People with business ideas are able to pursue their dreams and establish themselves as surviving (even if not successful) business managers.

Our web designers and developers are well-versed in the use of all major design and development platforms and software packages. Because they understand the importance of design and development can play in the success of a business, these professionals are working day and night to innovatively help our clients grow. They work to match your preferences and meet your expectations, and they do it rather well.

WEBSITES: The design of your website can be a make or break to your visitors. Leads falling on your website could get lost in confusing navigation and leave without even reading that high quality content copy you hired a professional copywriter to do for you. With a poor or ineffective design, you might be causing your business more damage than your competitors ever will. This is why every new business manager, particularly those in big companies, make sure they outsource the job to true professionals and get the best design and development services money can buy. They know it is a smart investment – something that will pay off in many folds in the time to come.
Regardless of the complexity of your web design needs, our professionals from across Europe can easily take care of the job in affordable prices and with surprising speed.

ARCHITECTURE: Your website is made of more than just pretty looking pages and aesthetically pleasing components. When it comes to web development, the work and its effect goes much deeper. Our web architecture experts will build your website as a powerhouse of features that enable you to turn more visitors into plausible leads and help search engines easily crawl your content and compliment the clarity of your web structure with higher ranks on SERPs.
SOCIAL: Social media is the center of a design war, thanks to the high place it has made for itself in landing businesses customers. Without social media, no business is doing great in the digital realm, and social media is all about compelling content and strategic design. With great design visible on your social timelines you establish your company as a technology oriented outfit and people feel easier to trust your abilities when you can show you are as cool as anybody in your industry. Our social media designers and developers are building this kind of content features for our clients, helping them make a real difference.
FRONTEND/BACKEND: Just as a coin has two faces, so does your website. There is the frontend that the visitor gets to see and navigation through input, and then there is the backend that is the engine of your website and works invisibly to make every little feature of your website function properly. Our network of web designers and developers includes a big number of frontend or backend specialists, each of which requires command on a different set of coding languages and software packages. With our professionals building your web frontend or backend, there is nothing you will feel the need to worry about.

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