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Video content is fast becoming the most popular kind of content on the web. The evidence of this statement lies in the fact that three hundred hours of video content is uploaded every minute on YouTube alone. On this one platform, people watch billions of videos of varying lengths every day without exception.

Video has become such a powerful mode of content that marketing experts now consider having it on your website adds to your credibility and convenience for your visitors, who can also learn more about you and your business with video in much lesser time than text. This adds to the worth and reputation of your website.

It is for these reasons that you must employ professionals to build your archive of video content. With our network spread across the continent, you can be sure to find the right match you’re your pre-production, production, and post needs. So, you can outsource video production projects to us without a worry.

PRE-PRODUCTION: The first phase of video production is the pre-production phase, which has a ton of things that one needs to get right for the production phase to begin. It includes concept, plot, screenplay, storyboarding, casting, hiring crew, and much more. With a network filled with budding and expert video producers and other technical experts, we can offer you the perfect place where you can come, outsource your project, and just sit and wait for delivery, knowing that once your CaptainEurope team is done, your project will be ready to go into production without any delays.
PRODUCTION: If you have your pre-production done with our network, that will make the production phase of your project that much easier. However, we would be more than ready to help if you have gone through pre-production and need work either one or both remaining phases of the video production process. The production phase is all about executing the detailed plan you made for your video in the previous phase. Right equipment in the right hands can deliver the right footage that an editor can use to bring about a great video. Our technical production professionals can produce brilliant videos for you within your budgets.
POST-PRODUCTION: Post is the final and the most demanding phase of video production with regard to creativity, presence of mind, and ingenuity. Without a professional level command, you cannot hope to finish this phase. This is the stage where all the work of your previous phases comes together and your video becomes a finished product with the right editing, cuts, audio, effects, and animations. Working with us, you can easily locate an editor who understands the language your project deals with in an affordable price.

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