CaptainEurope is a reliable platform for all your needs related to video production and web/software design and development. The design and development services we offer are of superior quality than most places you could get help from, while the video production professionals we have in the network are experts in their fields. Outsource web design or development to any our network professionals in Europe and you can rest assured you will get more value for your money than you were hoping for.



Mobile devices have fast taken over the digital realm and are now the primary type of devices most of Internet users employ to access the web and visit business websites they want to check out. To improve upon this swift access, mobile applications were introduced, which allow consumers to reach their pages or profiles on a particular service without having to log in every single time.

Between the two major platforms for mobile apps – iOS and Android – there is a constant race for developers and businesses to reach their target audiences around the world.

POST-PLATFORM: Mobile app development is one of the most popular bits of our design and development services domain. In fact, it is something that countless firms are producing for their clients around the world. In Europe alone, there are hundreds of successful companies providing these services, but not all of them are good and those who are good are not cheap. Interestingly, at CaptainEurope, our business model has brought about more benefits to our customers than we hoped for. Outsourcing mobile app development to us, you can be sure your desired platform will be covered and you can get your new app ready within a reasonable budget.
INDUSTRY: The combined experience of mobile app developers in our network would be around three decades. This kind of experience enables us to look more acutely at industry specific features in mobile apps than other teams. Our professionals have long since learned the preferences of various business industries based on the trials and errors of earlier companies. Hence, the apps we make for you are very well coordinated with the best practices used in your industry.
GAMES: Since the advent of mobile devices, consumers have been seeking entertainment in the palm of their hands. Mobile games have formed a great industry and multitudes of games are being released every year on both iOS and Android platforms. We have a number of very talented mobile games developers in our network who can work with you under the supervision of our assigned project manager and develop the games you want to deliver to your audiences.
E-COMMERCE: Many of our customers work within the e-commerce industry, which, in simplest of terms, are online stores where a lot of products are available for online shopping. e-Commerce mobile app development is a little different than the other kind, but our expert developers are quite capable of including the right kind of encryptions, forms, and security measures into your e-commerce app. With your app coming from us, your customers can happily buy from your platform without having to worry about losing their money.

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