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Gaming allows us to play as a character – somebody that we are not in the real world. We could be a ninja assassin in one game and be a lightning fast race car driver in the next. These characters within a game are arguably the most interesting component because they encourage us to feel we could be like them. This is what makes character design a supremely interesting part of game design and development.

We are often reached for a character design project. These are very interesting and challenging projects that our designers and 3D modelers love to take part in. Of course, our network of design professionals includes many designers who are capable of building three dimensional dynamic characters that your game players would love to impersonate in the digital world.

Character design projects are not as simple as they sound, though. Our team of professionals divides these projects into three main components and work on them accordingly.

Much like our reasons for any complex project with multiple components, we always suggest it to our character design project customers that they adopt a team approach to the project and involve experts from various fields to go with the project. The three key phases of a character design project include:

  1. CONCEPT: The concept of your character is its basis. We will suggest you look up a suitable concept artist with your assigned project manager’s assistance and work together on the concept behind your character. Of course, this involves the story you have in mind for them. This also includes their personality traits and physical features, which is usually the reason why a gamer picks their character in any given game.
  2. STORY: Similarly, the story behind the character and understanding it fully can benefit the design team a lot. With the story in mind, you have a clear idea of what kind of physical changes your character will go through on the course of the game. Your concept artist will help you create the various versions of your character according to the major developments in your story. This way, you will have your character’s form built in every important phase of their story.
  3. 3D: The building of the 3D concept digitally is the final stage of a character design project. Once this is done by an expert modeler in our network, the character will be ready for animation.

While most of the customers who contact us to outsource character design projects want to use these characters for a game, this may not be the only use of them. 3D characters are part of animated movies and can also be included in other animation projects.

Another assumption that needs to be dictated here is that you might not want a 3D character. The character design project you have with us might only require 2D characters for games or animations. Our digital artists are quite capable of assisting you with that particular aspect as well.

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