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While mobile devices are indeed taking a clear lead in entertainment and people like to watch their favorite movies on the train or play a game while they commute, mainstream gaming is a much bigger concept and a multi-billion dollar industry. With the advent of technology, computer gaming has evolved just as fast and the quality of games being produced for a console of the past three years is leaps and bounds ahead of what was being produced just ten years back.

The complexity of games has increased in not only the stories they carry today but much more so in design and development. Games are being produced on 4K video quality, which means an incredible amount of work has been done on the even the smallest of components.

However, these kinds of games are products of international companies with unimaginable budgets for CGI and design. While we cannot yet offer that level of design or development on the budget our customers usually have, we can in fact help them build extraordinary computer and console games for their audiences.

At CaptainEurope, our network of designers and developers are ready to take the challenge of building you the kind of computer/console game you are looking for. The project will, however, be longer than your average software utility of a website design. So, there are a few suggestions that we share with our customers when they show interest in placing an order to outsource games design and development projects. These suggestions include:

  • Such a vast project with a number of big components cannot possibly be done by one individual. So, we suggest you select a team of experts for various jobs to take part in the project so it can be completed with a practical deadline.
  • Let our assigned project manager be your eyes and ears, and keep them as your go-to person. Share your instructions and feedbacks with them only except when it is necessary to talk directly to the technical personnel involved. In case this happens, make sure your project manager is in the loop and is updated on your current decisions.
  • Do not try to be on top of every single development in the project. Let that be the job of the assigned project manager and convey your reservations or suggestions to the technical team through them.
  • Keep the payment method diverse and set benchmarks for each team member’s progress with your project manager’s assistance.

We will share any further suggestions we might have for you when you contact us for a game development project. We will also assign a unit of quality control personnel for your project so the progress being made is constantly assessed thoroughly and tested for developmental glitches or flaws in design.

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