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When we say CaptainEurope has a very well thought out business model, we mean it. We value the trust of our customers and seek opportunities to find them the best value for their money in as many ways as possible. Our idea of including design contests in our services is one such idea.

Design contests allow our customers to reach all levels of designers and get their take on a design brief. This is valuable because sometimes the teams we often like to work with fail to deliver the kind of work we need. This is particular true for design and, in these moments, people we usually ignore can deliver what is needed. These are the kind of unusual ideas you can get from our network of designers with a design contest.

There are a number of benefits to initiating a design contest:

  • You can get great ideas from novice designers that are much closer to your brief than more experienced designer’s work
  • You can find hidden talent in these young designers and it may be so good that you keep coming back to them and save money in the process
  • You can get multiple ideas to go for one design brief, which will allow you to rethink your idea and may even improve on it


Design contests at CaptainEurope work much like a regular project, except these usually have more limited deadlines and are often limited to a one-piece design, such as a logo, a leaflet, or a brochure. We also ensure simplicity in interfaces so you can easily monitor your open contests and view new entries. As a process, this is how a typical design contest works on our platform:

  1. REACH US: To launch a design contest, you must first discuss it with us as its sponsor. You may discuss your requirements and share your expected outcomes with us.
  2. DETERMINE BUDGET: We will then suggest a reasonable budget that you should invest in the contest. Our Support team will be able to guide you through this phase at your convenience.
  3. GET REGISTERED: If this is your first occasion of working with us, you will be needed to fill up our online registration form and open a new user account. Registration gives you access to our optimized dashboard where you can conveniently monitor the contest.
  4. INITIATE CONTEST: With your registration and deliberation of the budget, you can launch the contest by attaching your design brief for all participants to see.
  5. RECEIVE ENTRIES: Your contest will go online and designers will be able to see it on our Contests page. In time, you will start receiving entries.
  6. DELIBERATE & SELECT: Since all the entries you receive instantly become your property, you can keep them all and start determining which ones you would actually want to use later.
  7. GIVE FEEDBACK: In the meantime, it is useful to give your feedback on the entries you receive. This encourages the designers and helps them understand how you think.
  8. ANNOUNCE WINNER: You might like more than one entries you receive, but you will be expected to announce a winner once the project deadline arrives.
  9. END CONTEST: Once the winner is announced, we will move the reward money to their bank account and officially close the contest.

While most of the customers who contact us to outsource character design projects want to use these characters for a game, this may not be the only use of them. 3D characters are part of animated movies and can also be included in other animation projects.

Another assumption that needs to be dictated here is that you might not want a 3D character. The character design project you have with us might only require 2D characters for games or animations. Our digital artists are quite capable of assisting you with that particular aspect as well.

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