Design contests by CaptainEurope

Designers! How would you like the opportunity to show your creative skills to the CaptainEurope network and win rewards and admiration of your peers and clients alike? CaptainEurope presents to your our much loved design contests, where you can win big and make progress in leaps and bounds with regard to your reputation as an outstanding designer.

CaptainEurope is all about finding our team members opportunities to improve their creative skills and get rewarded for their effort and hard work. We believe in competitiveness as a great motivator of progress. This is why we encourage all our designers to take part in our design contests.


Taking part in our design contests allows you to benefits in a number of ways. The most important purpose of these competitions is to motivate you to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. For example, you might usually love minimalistic logo designs, but a contest design brief might want you to flaunt some trendy vibes with colors all around. It might be something new for you but you might discover you are good at it and feel confident bidding for this kind of projects in future.

Our design contests allow you to polish your project management skills as a whole. With the pressure of making sure your work comes out with the best quality among all submission for the contest, you will learn to work more efficiently than ever before, not allowing yourself to laze around or waste time. This leads to greater focus and makes you a true professional designer – somebody who can produce great results in minimal time.

The competitions also let you learn valuable tricks and techniques from your fellow designers when they participate with you. Their submissions can show you multiple ways in which a design brief can be interpreted. At the same time, the results of these contests can teach you a great deal about what is expected by your peers and clients in terms of quality and techniques.


CaptainEurope’s design contests are simple and transparent so the designers participating in them can be sure they will be judged fairly for the effort they put in. The process is simple and goes like this:

  • Contests are announced usually several days before they are to begin so designers who want to participate can plan their projects accordingly.
  • Design brief is available for every CaptainEurope designer to see and decide if they want to take part in the contest or not.
  • Submissions are allowed once the contest has officially begun and can be made any time during the length of the contest by using the Join Contest button on the contests page.
  • Once the contest deadline is reached, the judging panel deliberates on the submissions. The panel usually consists of veteran designers and the client who sponsors the contest.
  • The winner is then announced on CaptainEurope news page and the prizes are dispatched within the set time.

The contests we set up are usually built around briefs for a logo, but can also include an infographic, a brochure, a leaflet, or any such short project. Following the brief is the key and the best submission can win the announced cash reward.

Submissions are judged based on the usual factors of image quality, neatness, use of authentic ideas, appealing color themes, and overall aesthetics. Of course, following the instructions of the contest design brief is a must.



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