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A lot of talent and time is wasted in the quest to find the right team. In a world where the design industry is fast-reaching saturation, it really is a battle for survival. The sooner you can find yourself clients and make a portfolio, the easier it will be for you to survive as a full-time designer in the years to come. Join our team of graphics designers in Europe and start working with customers instantly.


As a graphics designer in Europe, you have a lot to gain from working with CaptainEurope for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • CaptainEurope is an established network with reputable clients looking to work with talented designers every day.
  • CaptainEurope is a great choice for both skilled and starting out design professionals because our clients have varied requirements in terms of skill level and budget.
  • Becoming a part of CaptainEurope’s team, you need not worry about building a website for yourself, work for months on social profiles before you can start attracting clients.
  • Here’s a deal-maker: We can pay you within 48 hours after your client approves the work they get.
  • Our fast and simple registration process allows you to get working with clients sooner than you think.
  • Since we get all kinds of design jobs, you can expect to usually find a project available that you would be interested in.

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CaptainEurope takes pride in our love for the creative arts. We adore design and show nothing but praise and respect to every member of our network who has talent their clients are impressed with. To us, you are the most important resource and we keep on a lookout for ways to make appreciate the skill and diligence of our team. This usually includes smartly created ideas to find you opportunities to earn rewards, at the same time helping you grow your skill set and creative talents. For this purpose, we collaborate with customers to launch design contests frequently. Win these contests and you will earn not only money but the respect of our customers and your peers.


We believe in making operations easy to follow and transparent. This is why we use a project based model. Although it is something most of our competitors are following as well, we make our practices different and more valuable by providing designers of all skill levels guidance through their assigned project managers and feedback from the client. This allows our team members to assess their work with educated feedback and improve their skill.

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CaptainEurope (hereafter Employer) has set terms of service that every registered professional (Employee) must adhere to. By registering to the Employer’s network, you agree that you have read and understood said terms and that you will abide by said terms for as long as you are in the service of the Employer. Also, these terms may be revised by the Employer without any specific notice to the Employee or clients at the time when such a change is made in our policies.


  1. The Employee will provide true and accurate personal and contact information at the time of registering for the Employer’s network.
  2. Keeping multiple accounts is prohibited and any Employee found to have multiple accounts will face cancellation of all accounts and outstanding payments will be determined after complete investigation of the problem.
  3. The Employee is liable to make any changes in contact information on to their profile themselves as soon as such changes occur.
  4. Any loss of payments incurred due to faulty information or inability of the Employee to timely update said details in their user profile will be the Employee’s responsibility.


  1. The quality of work expected of the Employee relates to the Employer’s clients’ demands. What the clients want becomes the expected quality.
  2. Clients reserve the right to ask for unlimited revisions as long as said revision requests are in line with either the initial details or requirements provided with the project or with the latest requirements agreed upon by the client and the Employee.
  3. The Employer reserves the right to terminate a project upon a client’s or the Employee’s request after careful investigation.
    • In such cases, outstanding payments will be determined by the Employer after investigation.
    • Any decisions made in this regard by the Employer will be acceptable to both the Employee and the client.


  1. The Employer is liable to make payments to the Employee according to the terms that follow but also reserves the right to hold any payments on administrative grounds or technical problems in the system.
  2. For any project worth less than $1,000, the Employer will transfer the amount to the Employee within 48 hours of the express approval of the client regarding the work delivered.
  3. Any payments will only be made upon completion of a project.
  4. For any projects worth $1,000 or more, the Employer will arrange a pre-work project meeting with the Employee using any communications media agreed upon the two parties and ensure the Employee understands the job and client’s expectations before work actually begins.
    • This meeting will also determine the mode and other conditions of payments to be incurred on the project.
  5. Any complaints about any discrepancies regarding a payment made must be submitted through email to the Employer within 72 hours of the payment. Complaints made later than said period may not be catered by the Employer, who reserves this right and also to investigate the situation and make due payments later on if the Employer so wants.


  1. The Employee will not share their personal contact details with the clients at all. Such instances will be met with penalties to be determined by the Employer and a permanent ban from the Employer’s network.
  2. Similarly, the Employee will not ask for any kind of personal or business contact details from the client at all. Such instances will also be met with penalties.
  3. The Employee is responsible for duly responding to the client’s messages or that of the Employer’s support team as soon as they read them or within a reasonable period of time.
  4. The Employee will be required to report to their assigned Project Manager for any and every projects they are part of as the representative of the Employer. The Employee must report to the Project Manager for any changes in project terms immediately and follow the instructions given in return.


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