About Us

When you are a regular Joe, you cannot do everything on your own. If you are a superhero, though, it is possible to do anything you want and help others with their needs. CaptainEurope wants to help any and all business organizations in Europe in their creative and technical needs with a wide variety of services you can learn about below.


Graphics design that appeals to the viewer is an essential part of the business brand in the digital world. Innovative techniques have enabled graphics to become a central component in expanding the concepts of user-friendly interfaces and design that can turn visitors into leads or even customers. That is the kind of design we aim to deliver Рwhether it is your website, print or social ads, infographics, a utility’s frontend, or any other design need, you will find us ready.


Great web design may help keep a visitor engaged, but, without a strong website working under the design, the advantage is futile. Our professional website developers can build incredible websites as fast as lightning. Similarly, software development is another of our strengths. Using the platforms and coding languages of your choice, we can build just about every kind of software you will need. This particularly includes enterprise software development for specialized business needs.


From pre-production to post, our team of video makers and producers from around the world can make you interesting productions aimed to deliver a message of your choice along with all your other preferences. You can have these videos produced as TV commercials, internal presentations, or for any other reason. We will deliver the specs we promise and you request. You can request particular areas you need help with or ask us to take over your project, we will be more than ready to show you we are the right choice for your production needs.


Computer and mobile games are super-fast growing business sectors with a lot happening in their world of design. We, as a comprehensive platform of design, can offer you the best of games and character design and development services by means of our global network of concept artists, 3D artists, animation designers, and software developers.


As a strong team of digital media professionals who have vast experience in project management, we are able to take over your design, development, or production projects completely. With a systematic approach with regular reporting to the client, benchmarking, and process mapping, we have managed to complete a number of projects to the utter satisfaction of our clients.


We are small team of digital professionals with big dreams. With this platform of CaptainEurope, we want to build Europe’s biggest network of design, development and production professionals where business owners can come and outsource their projects and receive outstanding work without having to worry about keeping an in-house team for any of these needs in the future.

For any questions or concerns about our services, don’t hesitate to write to us, or call us on

+85 258 089 100

  • Graphic Design 100%
  • Web & Software Development 90%
  • Video Production 60%
  • Games & Character Development 40%
  • Project Management 100%
  • Customer Satisfaction 100%


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