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Design makes one of the most troubling, and one of the most essential, departments of a modern business firm. In the digital age, you need a reliable online design service to avoid overheads and still get professional quality.

Design is the essence of presentation. The way information is presented goes a long way to how well it is received by the audience. If you place a small grayscale text-only ad in a newspaper, you cannot expect a lot of leads to come out of it. On the other hand, a vibrant ad with colors and elegant design will surely catch many more people’s eye. In fact, this effect of design works regardless of the medium you use. Whether you employ an offline medium, such as leaflets or a brochure, or online media, like electronic magazines, your business website, or your social pages, you are covered.

In the digital realm, though, the prospect and importance of design has reached new heights. While design was earlier used as a means to catch your audience’s attention, it now works as an active tool to convert visitors on your media into prospective leads and sometimes even into customers of your product or service.

Pathways that Lead Customers to Us

Design is specific and needs a professional’s mind and hand to finish. It is, after all, a specialized function that you cannot give to just anybody you may want to.

Starting out businesses often have very limited resources. Starting out managers often have a lot of passion and energy. They show a little more confidence than they should when they decide to design their own logo and website. After spending days on the task and discovering they are going nowhere, they realize the job needs a professional’s touch. Then they find us.

Interestingly, companies of bigger size always keep a budget for design jobs and any other tasks they might want done but do not need an in-house team member for. Their focus is on keeping the performance of their employees at the optimum levels, which is how they keep growing. So, they do not let themselves be distracted with unnecessary work. When they need design, they call us right away.

Some business managers believe it may be a great idea to hire somebody in-house instead of outsourcing design jobs. Most of them realize how bad an idea it was as soon as reality hits. They have to pay a handsome salary to the designer for occasional work and bear all the overheads, too. They realize outsourcing would save much of their resources. Then they come looking for us.

An unfortunate kind of customer is the one who has already had a bad service experience from one of our competitors. Even after hiring a “professional,” they have to deal with repeated editing and revisions and even that is not good enough. So, they find us and suspiciously begin talking to us. They ask a lot of questions and keenly observe how well prepared our Support team is. Once they feel assured, they start working with us.

About Us

CaptainEurope is such an ideal place where creative professionals and clients, both coming from all across Europe, meet. As an agency of sorts, we provide both parties the security and reliability they need to get projects done online. Designers may feel hesitant if they are approached online by a random stranger for a job, and clients will usually feel reluctant working with an online professional and make advance payments through wires, and CaptainEurope resolves this issue with our smart business model. We protect clients as well as creatives from fraud by being in the middle.

Clients who need a design, development, or production job done, find our platform to be the ideal place because they can find high quality work on affordable prices and never have to worry about any of it themselves.

Perks of Using CaptainEurope

One Stop Shop

A lot of services use this phrase these days but our platform is truly a one-stop shop for all your design, development, and production needs. This means you will be saving a lot of relationship costs once you get familiar with our system and get good quality work delivered for your initial projects. For every aspect of a design, development or production related project, you will find our network of professionals ready to assist you.

Quality Guaranteed

We take pride in ensuring our customers get the best quality possible. While it is enough that your project requirements are met, we strive to exceed expectations and deliver work of true high quality. To ensure these results, we have a quality control team in place to assess projects before they are delivered to the customer. Also, project managers are responsible to make sure work done on a project stays in line with the customer’s requirements.


Round-the-Clock Support

With a variety of projects in progress on any given day, we get a plethora of messages, calls and emails from clients (not to mention queries from our network professionals) who need updates of their projects or have some input to share with their team. To make sure we respond to your messages without delay and offer high quality customer support, our Support team stays available for you without a break. No matter what day or hour you log in to our website, there will always be somebody waiting to assist you.

Payment Protection

Like all online platforms working on an agency model, we require our customers to pay in advance for their projects (though this can be done in installments for big projects according to the set payment plan with the engaged professionals). Our secure escrow allows us to protect the interests of both the customer as well as the creative fully. We keep the money in escrow until a certain project benchmark is achieved and move the money to the creative according to the set terms of the project.

Infinite Revisions

With our promise of quality comes an unsaid promise for revisions. It is not practical to believe every project will be done perfectly in the first go. So, we offer our clients the luxury of requesting unlimited revisions for the work without paying for the extra work. Of course, these revision requests must be in line with your initial order description and brief. Your assigned project manager will ensure revision requests follow this guideline so our network professionals do not get unfair treatment.

Pick Your Team

We also allow our clients to pick their own team. Once you are ready to place an order for your project, you will be able to browse our network and look at professionals’ profiles to choose the best match. This can also be done by placing an order for your project and allowing interested professional to bid on it. Once you have plenty of bids, you can look at the profiles and choose the person you feel fits best with your needs. We only reserve the right to assign a project manager of our choice based on their experience with similar projects. This will in fact enable us to give you more accurate and specific guidance on the course of your projects.


We have a simplified yet effective system in place that takes care of all our projects. The system follows set protocols and every project goes through the same process before it is deemed finished.

This is how the process works:

Every project starts with the registration of the customer placing it. It is a one-time requirement and same credentials can be used for all the following orders on that user account.

Once logged in securely, you can start work on your order and build a project brief with all the necessary details and requirements included.

The next step could be to browse our network professionals’ profiles and pick your team. You can pick an individual or a team, depending upon your needs.

To finish the order placement process, you will be required to make due payment using one of our available payment options.


Moving on, a project manager is assigned to you who will get in touch with you to better understand your project needs.

The instructions are shared with your picked creative and work begins on your project based on your project brief and description.

With progress delivered to your email, depending upon the benchmarks you set with your team, we take care of the due payments to your creatives ourselves.

If the work seems to be off the mark, you can ask for as many revisions as you need.

Every project starts with the registration of the customer placing it. It is a one-time requirement and same credentials can be used for all the following orders on that user account.


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“Captain was very professional and excellent to work with. The website Captain developed for our business was fantastic and met all of our expectations. I would highly recommend Captain for your project.”


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“Captain has been very responsive and focused with helping me to complete the website. Highly recommend and would definitely engage his services again.”


Web development, PHP Website Design Graphic Design

“It’s been a real pleasure working with Captain from start to finish. He is extremely professional, hard working and proficient at problem solving. I am really pleased with the final website – he really ‘got’ the concept and delivered my spec and more. His communication is excellent and he seems to really take pride in his work. I would definitely recommend hiring Captain. “


Web development, PHP Website Design Graphic Design

“He did a great job”


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